Worker with solvent tanks As the chemical division of RockinBoat LLC, TEKNIKEM seeks out technology based chemical solutions for government, commercial, and industrial customers. TEKNIKEM's first commercial product line, RonJohn® safety solvents, is an award winning patented solvent technology invented to remove polymeric coatings and adhesives from substrates, such as: powder coat and paints from vehicles, anti-fouling paints from ships, catalyzed polyurethanes and epoxies from aircraft and automobiles, varnish and epoxy sealers from electric motors, chemical resistant coatings from military equipment, varnish from wood, and polyurethane foam and paints from architectural projects. RonJohn® was recognized by R&D Magazine as a Top 100 Innovation of the Year for 2011. As validation that It is a safer and more environmentally friendly replacement for processes that use toxic or flammable products like chlorinated solvents and petroleum distillates, RonJohn® won the National Nuclear Safety Administration's P2 award for environmental stewardship in 2012. Better still, RonJohn® is a line of plug in alternatives that work at room temperature but, can be heated for faster results. RonJohn® products are as effective as their conventional counter-parts in many instances; on coatings of polyurethane, epoxy, and powder-coating. With NFPA reactivity profiles of 2,2,0 or 2,1,0 RonJohn® products are great alternatives to both conventional solvents and less effective 'green' products.

CCR: 696U1         DUNS: 966993425